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Stella Maris Health Services is here to provide you with a safe, loving, non-judgmental environment that gives you the time you need to create a new norm, the space you need to explore your dreams and potential, and the support you need to set a new course, practice new skills and take the next step.

Compassionate Community-based Care

Our diverse team of healing practitioners, accommodation providers, therapists and sober companions are here to support you and your unique journey in any way we can.

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  • I welcome you to the site of Stella Maris Health Services. My name is Zolt Balint and I am a co-founder and caregiver at Stella Maris. At age 15, following my mother's suggestion, I have chosen nursing and medicine for my life's profession. After graduating in Budapest, Hungary, life has taken me on a long and often very challenging journey in exploring what really caregiving means. I have worked in busy Emergency departments, inpatient psychiatric units, small and isolated rural clinics and hospitals. Out of all professional experiences, working as an emergency mental health nurse opened up my eyes to the suffering of people dealing with addictions and substance abuse.
  • In 2017, this experience has reached a new level, when I was approached in establishing a service designated for people in recovery. We worked out the most effective and most affordable model to help our clients; to leave them with tools and experiences that will help and serve them long after they have completed our program.
  • I am a S.M.A.R.T Recovery certified facilitator and program coordinator at Stella Maris Health Services and beyond all certifications and qualifications, I consider myself to be a Caregiver. 
  • I hope that you will find the care and healing you are seeking in our programs and the experience at Stella Maris will help you start a new life, free of addictions, full of potential and improved health.
  • Look forward to meet you in person and embark on a life-changing experience together! 


  • Certified S.M.A.R.T. Recovery Facilitator
  • Art & Nature Therapy Guide
  • Sober Companion & Recovery Coach
  • Spiritual Care Provider & Healing Practitioner

Welcome to Stella Maris Health Services!

     My name is Kelly Foxton and I am co-founder, caregiver and program coordinator for Stella Maris.  

I have served in a variety of care-giving and coordinating roles for over 20 years.  Most recently I worked in a residential addiction treatment setting as Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator and Group Therapy Facilitator.  Recognizing the need for a collaborative, community-based approach to healing and long term mental health care prompted my decision to co-found Stella Maris Health Services.

     As a wildlife artist, nature therapy guide and spiritual care provider I carry a profound awareness of the inter-connectedness of all Life and incorporate this awareness into my healing practice.   

     My family connection to traditional Nature-based culture and practice, as well as my deep respect for the innate spirituality and healing power of art and the natural world is reflected in all that I share at Stella Maris and beyond.

I look forward to exploring and supporting all that Life has to offer the next step of your healing journey.

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  • Take Hwy 101 to Exit 22
  • Turn right off Exit 22 onto Hwy#8 toward Lequille/Annapolis Royal;
  • Turn left at the lights onto Evangeline Trail/Nova Scotia Trunk 1 W (signs for Digby)
  • Turn Left onto Wallasey Drive at the "Country Hideaway" sign (approx. 5 min drive from Annapolis Royal)

We are located at the end of the lane, building on the left.

Stella Maris Health Services

tel.: 902-955-0779 or 902-840-0214


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